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As I hurried around the board in Room 2 teaching a Year 11 class, my over-exuberant presentation style got the better of me, and I carelessly interrupted the sacred bond between my laptop and the Clevertouch board. Akin to the Avatars’ connection with their winged friends in that epic film, a laptop and a board are paired, bonded at the start of a lesson by a mighty cable, which permits the magic thereafter. It stopped me momentarily to think about the power within that thin cable connection.

Separately, I have been considering the concept of connection more broadly. From devastating news to happier headlines, the connections of those involved are forefront. The Liverpool Hospital bomber’s journey, which led him to that day, is now under scrutiny. Who did he connect with? How were bonds formed, and how influential were these in his decision making? More merrily, I caught sight of the fact that a cat, presumed lost on a canal boat, has returned to its owner after 10 years. The power of pets to understand the human psyche is something more of the Avatar analogy. Such strength of connection survived a decade.

And how about us; the Croydon High School community? Our connections? Well, many and varied, as most healthy things are.

Last night, it was a delight to welcome back our first live audience to a production, since the Guys and Dolls musical of 2020. The Senior Hall played host to the GCSE Drama devised performances, and this was a joyful moment for us as a school. The audience may have chosen different adjectives. “Impressive” certainly, but “Joyful” was perhaps less appropriate in relation to the self-scripted mini-epics of protagonists, gracing the stage in various catastrophic moments in their lives. These connections with parents face to face, however, enabling them to witness and celebrate the talents of their children will always fill us with joy.

And there are plans for more……..epics and connections, that is, not catastrophes! The Music Department is relishing a full house at the upcoming Winter concert and packed congregation at the Minster Carol Service and thinking caps are firmly on for the end of term Talent Show and how this might play out. This morning’s excellent assembly from Ms James on ‘Finding Certainty in an Uncertain world’ was a wonderful reminder of the power of gathering en masse, ironically to consider one’s individual identity. The Senior School is enjoying hugely reduced covid case numbers since half term, and provided this continues; we look forward to re-strengthening the internal connections afforded by these communal occasions.

The recent parent survey made clear that there is appetite for some webinars for parents on various issues, and this is certainly in the planning. However, we would strongly encourage that you take any opportunities you can to visit the school in person again. We hugely value any time parents can spend with us on site, and I’m sure the opportunity to see other parents will be valued too.

Wishing you all opportunities to connect with others this weekend.

David King

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

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