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Year 11 Geography Fieldtrip

On Friday 24th September 2021, the Year 11 Geography GCSE class set forth on a field trip to Greatstone Beach,  located on the Kent coast – approximately 70 Kilometers South-East of London.​​ When we initially arrived in the local area of Little Stone, we noticed that we were surrounded by small settlements and a range of caravans. As a class, we identified the different features of the flat beach, pointing out the nearshore, foreshore, backshore and dunes. We gathered around to look at the scenery and both Ms Corner and Mrs Gower helped us recognize the important characteristics of the beach such as longshore drift if the waves were either constructive/destructive and much more. In groups, we worked hard in the sunshine to gather data on whether the beach material had been sorted by the waves. This meant we had to apply lots of sampling methods such as systematic and random sampling, filling in our fieldwork booklets as we went.  Soon after, we swiftly gathered on the diminutive station platform of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch steam railway. As we departed from Greatstone Beach to Dymchurch, we went on the steam train which the whole class thoroughly enjoyed. We looked at the picturesque scenery and observed the different geographical features, as we simultaneously ate our lunch. A student passionately stated that ‘the train gave [her] an insight to the history of trains’, and that ‘it was extremely culturally educating.’

As soon as we arrived, in Dymchurch, the class noticed the area was busy and full of people; we walked to the local beach, ‘Dymchurch beach’ and looked at all the sea defences and features, adding to why the area was so valuable and pertinent, worthy of such a large amount of coastal defences.  Another student emphasised that the trip was very ‘productive and practical due to the range of activities we participated in and we learnt so much!’ Afterwards, we endeavoured in groups around Dymchurch high street spending time in shops while also creating a tally of data for us to evaluate when we got back to school. In Dymchurch, the area was filled with a plethora of fish and chips shops, antique shops and public places which were enticing and amusing. Overall, the trip was highly enjoyable and we would definitely recommend it to all who have an interest in areas like this.

Safa H and Anya P , Y11

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