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Harvest Assembly

Last Friday the Senior School hosted its annual Harvest Assembly. Year 7 presented harvest boxes containing generous donations for the Salvation Army’s local food banks. As is tradition, Year 7 pupils enter the assembly after other senior school pupils and present their boxes to Sixth Form students who place them on stage to a watching Senior School. The decoration of the boxes is a yearly house event for our newest Senior School pupils with healthy competition amongst the houses as they vie for the available points. The Chamber Choir provided a wonderful accompanying as Year 7 pupils entered the hall, performing For The Beauty of the Earth by John Rutter. Upon the completion of this Croydon High tradition, the assembly focused on the nature of giving, why it is that one chooses to give and why it is that giving is such a rewarding gesture.

A selection of Year 7 pupils have documented some of their thoughts and reflections following the assembly below:

The morning of the harvest festival filled me with a buzz of excitement and chatter that filled the air. An array of colourful boxes decorated with extravagant designs and patterns lit up the lower dining room as we lined up for the nerve wracking walk ahead of us. The heavy boxes filled with food weighed us down as we walked up the continuous stairs. The chamber choir sang amazingingly, filling the room with a gracious start. After many rehearsals of walking up and down the main hall we finally reached perfection, we just had to hope that it would go smoothly on the day. We lined up and had to be very silent, whilst struggling with our heavy boxes. After we walked down the hall with our boxes we gave the canned goods to the sixth formers and they gently placed our elegant boxes in our house teams, ready to be judged. After the assembly we were very thrilled to see who had won, we gave the winners a huge clap and then walked towards the next lesson.

By Gabrielle

It was very generous of all the Year 7s to donate food in their harvest boxes to the Salvation Army! I think that contributing to donations is so nice and I think we all need to care for less fortunate people and the people around us. In the future I would like to contribute more to the Salvation Army and other charities. It was so nice to hear the man from the Salvation Army speak about how much Croydon High has helped people who cannot access food and need food provided by the Salvation Army food banks. The video from the Salvation Army was heart breaking to hear that food was running out at the food banks and I hope the kind donations from people will help others. I also want to say thank you to the Salvation Army and Croydon High!

By Issy

During the course of a week, the majority of Year 7 worked incredibly hard to produce some fabulous harvest boxes. We decorated them in our house colours, Evans, Seacole, Curie, and Garrett, and we all had various themes regarding our boxes. Some of us based our boxes on Halloween, whilst others based their boxes on autumn! During the week, we all brought our boxes in ready for the big assembly. We all loved each other’s boxes since they were all so creative. Every registration we would rehearse the assembly, we all were full of anticipation and excitement. We filled our harvest boxes with canned goods, toiletries etc. We all wanted to fill our boxes as much as possible, due to the fact we knew it was for a good cause, the salvation army.

By Maudie

On Friday the 8th October we all got prepared to walk into the hall to present our amazing boxes to the sixth formers who placed them carefully on the stage in our houses: Curie, Seacole, Garret and Evans. We had been practising the two days before to make sure we were perfect for the assembly. I am in Curie so I had to decorate my box in blue. All of the winners were amazing and whilst I was walking up to the stage I knew that everyone had done a great job. I also felt quite nervous walking towards the stage because I don’t like people looking at me. I knew everyone had done so great and I knew that the best person would be the one to win.

By Nicola


Very well done to Emily (Evans House), Annabel (Garrett House), Freya (Curie House) & Maya (Seacole House) who were selected as the designers of the winning boxes in each house.

Emily F – 7H – Evans

Annabel H – 7M – Garrett

Freya D – 7B – Curie

Maya G – 7H – Seacole


Mr Cowie

Head of Year 7

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