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The Ivy Letters Project

A recent National Literacy Trust report found that two-thirds of school-aged children had never written a letter simply for pleasure. When was the last time you received or wrote a letter if at all?

Those who have done so report the process makes them feel happy, and specifically, they really like the thought of making the recipient happy.

There are some amazing references to letters in history, in fact, we would not know nearly as much about history if it wasn’t for letters.

The Ivy Letters Project launched in the autumn term of 2019. Year 9 pupils are matched with an alumna who attended Croydon High during the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  They research and consider what similarities and differences there would be between school life then and now.

Just before the Easter break, our current Year 9 wrote letters full of information about themselves, including plenty of questions for their alumna. In this day and age, we are used to instant responses; texts, snapchat, emails, social media. Year 9 have waited patiently for their replies with great anticipation. They were not disappointed when they opened their Ivy Letters this week during form time. The letters revealed the many changes in school life that have taken place over the years, notably school dinners! Stories of life during WWII, some sad, some happy, some funny! We have received over 50 letters and they are still arriving… You can imagine the fascinating knowledge gained and the valuable experience Year 9 have enjoyed through participating in this project and the sheer joy they have spread across the alumnae network. Our alumnae were so happy to receive such a wonderful surprise of a handwritten letter from Croydon High School.

We intend to continue with the project over the next few years until all alumnae from the 40s, 50s, and 60s have received an Ivy Letter. We are, after all, one big family!