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German Easter Traditions

In the last lesson before Easter, Mr Symes suggested thar our Year 7 German class should have a go at a German Easter tradition of decorating eggs with bright and bold colours. We discussed it in the previous lesson and everybody brought in an egg the next day.  Before starting the activity, we watched a couple of You Tube videos – one about Easter in Germany and the other about egg painting.

As it was a sunny day, we completed this activity outside near the school field. We were asked to make our egg hollow so the inside of the egg was empty. We did this by making two holes at either end of the hen’s egg. Then, our class had to vigorously blow the yolk out of the egg. Mr Symes mistakenly (or was it mischievously) said that we had to sip out the inside which we all thought was disgusting! This was a new experience for all of us as a class. We had to be careful for the eggs not to crack due to the fragile shell and mainly we were successful. It was a pleasure to try something that we all had a fun time doing.  At the end of our lesson we had a unique and personal design on our eggs which we could hang up at home for display. Overall, if we were asked to do this again we would jump at the opportunity. We all had an amazing time and we are looking forward to doing the same next year as well.

Written by Vanessa B and Anjali B in 7B