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Fundraising For My 16 Inch Chop

During lockdown I saw a video of my mum’s colleague describing her struggle through cancer and the trauma of losing clumps of hair during chemotherapy. She mentioned how the hair loss made her feel like she had lost her identity and only after getting a wig did she feel confident enough to see anyone. She also said that she was lucky enough to be able to afford a comfortable, real hair wig, but not everyone can.

I could not imagine losing my hair on top of struggling with the trauma and pain of cancer, so I decided I should do something meaningful by donating my hair to The Princess Trust. They are a charity who provide wigs free of charge to children who have lost their hair to cancer, as well as fund research into childhood cancer.

Lockdown restrictions meant I could not get to a hairdresser, but on the morning of my 13th birthday, Mum and I got up at 6am and cut off sixteen inches of my hair to donate. It felt so strange as I have had long hair all my life (even as a toddler!) but also absolutely brilliant because I know it’s going to someone who needs it much, much more than I do.

I also did some fundraising as The Princess Trust does not receive any formal funding. So far, I have raised £1,285 which will provide 2 wigs to a child or young person and hopefully help them in a small way during this difficult time.

Here are the photos of before and after my haircut. Please also find below the link to my Fundraiser.

Zariya B, Y8

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