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Good News at Croydon High School

How can I stay motivated when I’m stuck in front of a screen all day? How can we keep thinking positively when we can’t talk to our friends in person? How can we be expected to stay inspired when we can’t see the world around us?

After a month of Guided Home Learning, it can be easy for students to at times feel frustrated, bored and unmotivated, especially given that we are unable to participate in our usual social scenes which bring excitement and interest in our lives. Even more disheartening, is the wall of negative news we are faced with online and in the media. So this month, Year 10 at Croydon High School tackled the problem by looking for uplifting and inspiring stories in the news, to raise our positivity and bring a smile to our faces.

Each week, six people in the year have researched and presented an inspiring story – simple things that can remind us of the kindness that goes on in the world. From stuffed-crust pizza and DIY racetracks, to passers-by rescuing dogs and Clap-For-Carers compilations, the students have absolutely loved the small stories exchanged. As Safa H, one of the students, said: ‘The stories never fail to bring a smile to my face. It makes me optimistic for the day’.

So what have we learnt? While our lives may be dreary and uneventful, the world still runs! Anya P, another student, recommended: ‘Take five minutes each morning to recognize something wonderful in the world, or even in your life. It can make the biggest difference to your day!’ We can still appreciate the small things in our lives and, while we can’t see them, in others’ too.

Asha D-S, Y10

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