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An insight into receiving a Pfizer Vaccination

Between the 8th and 20th of December, 616,933 first doses of the pfizer vaccine were administered to UK care home residents, social care workers and over 80s. But what was the experience of getting the vaccine like? I talked to age 80 Ilia Jaques, who received her first dose on the 22nd of December, about her vaccination.

Ilia felt extremely fortunate to be one of the first to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, knowing that this was the start of a return to life as normal. Accompanying her into Purley War Memorial Hospital, one of the NHS’s 500 vaccination centres, was her son, who said there was a continuous stream of senior citizens, each who had been assigned a 5 minute interval. Ilia was impressed by the swift rate of vaccinations and the organisation of the NHS staff, who made the experience comfortable and worry-free.

After 15 minutes wait along with 6 others who had been assigned in the same 5 minute interval, Ilia had her appointment, which fortunately went smoothly and without difficulty.

Some have been apprehensive of allergic reactions, however Ilia was aware that the NHS had said that any reactions to the vaccine would happen within minutes, and that staff are trained to deal with them. Even so, Ilia found it reassuring when they were asked to wait 15 minutes, as a precaution. After receiving the initial dose, Ilia found she didn’t have any problems except for usual aching, and was able to continue with her day.

With anticipation for the Oxford vaccine, which has been said to possibly ease restrictions and maybe even end lockdowns by February, many of Britain’s highest risk citizens feel much closer to safety, and we all look towards a better 2021.

Asha D, Y10


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