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Our History

Almost two years ago, I joined Year 7 and requested for there to be a chess club. Ms Fenwick agreed to help set up the club and organise tournaments. It started in September 2018 with just two people, then crept up to six, and by December 2019 there were over twenty people! I had taken part in The UKCC Delancey Chess Competition in 2016 and I recommended it to Ms Fenwick. Before we knew it, Mrs Fenwick had ordered a tournament pack and Croydon High Chess Club entered their first formal competition! Croydon High ordered new chess boards, so there were enough for a tournament and our growing club. Ms Fenwick also brought in chess guidebooks. All ages and abilities are welcome.

We wish to thank Ms Fenwick for her hard work! Chess club meets regularly on a Thursday after school on Google Meet. If you are interested, please contact Ms Fenwick via email.


This year, we have taken part in five competitions, which have been very exciting.

December 2019: Delancey School Stage

Everyone was welcome to enter this competition, hosted by Ms Fenwick, with prizes for everyone and a chance to qualify for the Regional Megafinals. Everyone enjoyed themselves and improved greatly. Ellie, Virginia, Annabella, and myself qualified for the Megafinals. Congratulations to Annabella who was chosen by Ms Fenwick as ‘Wild Card’ for improving greatly. Unfortunately, we did not complete the competition due to COVID-19, but it was a fun and friendly tournament. Eloane entered her first competition!

March 2020

Keira and I took part in the online UKCC chess challenge hosted on Chesskid, Ms Fenwick continued to support us throughout the events.

May 2020

Keira, Penelope, Shayana, and I took part in the daily Chesskid team events for under fourteens. There were around 150 entrants. These are average results: 30th Hollyann, 50th Keira and Shayana, 70th Penelope.

June 2020

Keira, Shayana, and Penelope set up Lichess accounts while Ellie and I have been preparing for the Regional UKCC Megafinals. Ellie and I represented the school at the regional UKCC Megafinal. Ellie won two of her games – good job Ellie! I finished with 4/6 points and I have qualified for the Gigafinals! The Gigafinals is a national event which will be taking place next weekend and in August. I will do my best to make Croydon High proud. Well done to everyone who entered UKCC events throughout the year, we are very proud of you!

In Our Own Words

‘It’s great fun, and even if you might not know chess, spending a couple of sessions at chess club you can learn a lot.’ Penelope.

‘It is entertaining and fun to learn chess with new people.’ Raadhikhaa.

‘I managed to improve my chess quite a bit.’ Eloane.

‘Chess club has improved my skills so much, it doesn’t matter if you have never touched a chess piece before or you are a national winner, there is something for everyone.’ Keira

‘The atmosphere is bubbly, with people chatting and laughing, I enjoy playing chess with my friends!’ Rebecca.

‘Chess Club is educational but fun. I really like learning about chess. Seeing how I have improved has proved how much chess club has helped me.’ Shayana

‘Chess Club has helped me improve my quick and critical thinking. It has been fun playing against others and made me more passionate about playing chess.’ Lily-Belle.

‘I only joined chess club halfway through this year and it has been amazing and I loved every moment of it. Everyone was filled with enthusiasm and excitement around me and I wasn’t even a proper player in chess, but now I’m really good at it.’ Adriel

Hollyann, Year 8

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