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Clap for Carers – Musical Performance

One of our Year 5 pupils, Lara, was recently featured in First News for her weekly musical performances during Thursday’s ‘Clap for Carers’. Here is what she had to say about the experience:

“Two months ago we performed ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ for our neighbours during the 8pm NHS clap. They really enjoyed it so we continued to play a different piece each week for the next eight weeks. More and more neighbours came out weekly and we received cards of thanks and were told it was the highlight of some neighbours’ weeks. We were also told of an elderly gentleman who never leaves his house but came out just to hear us.

When the final Clap for Carers came last week, they were all very upset that this would be the end of our performing, so we decided to hold a final Clap for Carers charity concert last Thursday playing all the eight pieces we performed with a few extras and a solo each from my brother and myself. We posted leaflets through everyone’s door inviting them to bring a chair and a glass of wine/cup of tea and come as near as possible to the mini roundabout in the middle of our road which we used as our stage and decided to use the opportunity to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

The concert went really well and we have managed to raise £520 so far. It was quite emotional and really proved what an amazing thing music can be. What started off as a bit of fun for my brother Ethan and I to perform to the neighbours and show support for the NHS became something that united the whole road whilst raising money for charity.

I decided that our final piece to perform for the NHS would be ‘Let it Be’ as this was Croydon High’s entry to the GDST song competition and is a really uplifting song.”

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