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05/06/20 – Good News from Croydon High

Return to School

We are happy to be back for the second half of the summer term. While we were delighted to welcome back some pupils to the site this week, we continue to dedicate ourselves to the guided home learning programme for all other pupils and we are proud to see the way pupils continue to dedicate themselves to the programme also.

Year 2 Pupil Published

Fallon in Year 2 has had a short story published in a book called The Future is Make Believe, a collection of stories by children. It is the brainchild of a start-up called Fabled, an online platform that encourages children’s storytelling. Fallon shared hers on a podcast with the founder of Fabled last year – we are delighted to see it published in the book!

Co-Curricular Clubs

We were thrilled to receive more wonderful feedback about our baking club.

“I just wanted to say thank you for running the baking club, Rebecca is having a ball doing all the challenges and it is a really good distraction for her.”

Mrs Turner and Mrs Webb hope to create a book of all the recipes the participants have been using this term. This week, the challenge was rainbow cakes to celebrate Pride!

Meanwhile, Uma created some wonderful work for the ‘Art is where the home is’ co-curricular club.

Inspiring Change Makers

The GDST-wide Inspiring Change Makers Summit took place before half term and was a resounding success. So many wonderful comments were sent through in response to the event.

“I learnt how to know my own strengths and use them effectively to improve myself and my performance.”

“We can all be change makers if we put our minds into it.”

“Shyness is a superpower!”

“I’ve found new ways to improve my productivity.”

“To get back up if I fall down.”

“I’ve learnt that mistakes are okay, in fact, they’re amazing! It’s important to remember that no one becomes successful through immediate triumph; they’ll have failed many times before. Fail = First Attempt In Learning.”

“The meditation/breathing exercise that can help you become super confident in stressful times.”

“I learnt that you don’t have to go down the traditional route to be successful in life.”

“Be like a chameleon, don’t be afraid of change.”

“I should try and leave the world in a better way than before.”

“To believe in me.”

Kindness During Covid-19

We’ve been sharing so many good news stories throughout this crisis, both from our school community and further afield. Psychologists have been positing the reasons behind these acts of kindness – it feels meaningful, it boosts our mood, it gives us a way to channel our energy, it’s a gesture of gratitude to the people working so hard to combat this virus… Positive News have looked at the kindnesses spreading across the world and why being kind feels so good.

Positive News

Green Energy Future

In 2019, more electricity was generated in the UK from green energy sources, such as wind and solar, than from carbon-emitting sources such as gas and coal! Over the last 30 years, we’ve also reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 40%, more than any other major industrialised nation. And as we wound down during lockdown, we’ve all enjoyed the benefits of even cleaner air. It promises brighter possibilities for the future – we hope that this moment provides an opportunity for long-lasting change.

New York Times

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