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OWNit and Limitless Learning

Limitless Learning from the GDST; for Life

We are very proud that a Croydon High initiative, which developed into a GDST-wide collaboration, now looks like it will be transformative for Upper Sixth students in many of our sister GDST schools. Mrs Pattison has led this project from the start – conferring with GDST Heads around the country and recruiting GDST teaching staff, alumnae and supporters who will provide expert mentoring and tuition for the very fortunate Class of 2020.

The GDST Limitless Learning Programme, instigated by Croydon High, is our collective response to the challenges faced by our Upper Sixth students, as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Limitless Learning is part of Croydon High’s bespoke enrichment plan, OWNit, designed to ensure our Year 11 and Upper Sixth students take control and don’t just become ‘victims’ of this particularly challenging situation.

OWNit will prepare students to move on confidently to the next stage of their lives, at a time when they all need something positive and inspirational to think about.

The Limitless Learning programme, for Upper Sixth students, comprises two key elements:

  1. University bridging seminars designed to introduce aspiring undergraduates to their chosen courses:
  • These will operate in the Russell-group style; small seminar groups led by subject specialists from amongst our GDST staff, alumnae and supporters.
  • There are over 160 courses available – from Animation to Zoology – all offering unique opportunities to ‘get-ahead,’ through a combination of expert-led discussion, guided reading and on-line resources, including MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses).
  • Each course runs over four weeks – enough time to really whet appetites and provide a meaningful platform for the next stage.
  1. Real World Ready Modules offering insight and building skills in areas that will really make a difference to life after school.
  • Personal finance, cooking on a budget, communication skills, debating, public speaking – even beginners’ Russian!
  • Interesting subjects introduced by fascinating people – and all designed to help our students continue to develop life skills and talents that set them apart.

Personal Alumna Mentoring

In addition to these subject-based opportunities, Limitless Learning at Croydon High also offers every Upper Sixth student the chance to connect with a recent alumna; someone who is following a similar study or career path to the one she might be about to embark upon.

These alumnae, who have all volunteered to be part of this programme, will provide invaluable advice on every aspect of life after Croydon High!


Not forgetting our GCSE students, of course!

Limitless Learning is part of the OWNit Programme at Croydon High. This came about as a direct response to the sense of shock, disappointment, and confusion experienced by students in our exam years (11 and Upper Sixth) when it was announced that GCSE and A-level exams would not take place this year. The teaching staff were determined that these girls, who have worked so hard, must not be allowed to become victims of a situation beyond anyone’s control. Instead, they wanted to give them the tools to OWNit!

In an incredibly short space of time, a bespoke support package was put together for both A level and GCSE students. The post-A-level course was further developed and became the GDST Limitless Learning Programme.

Year 11 will embark on their own inspiring 4-week programme of tutorial style guided home learning in subjects chosen for A level and will start to experience the very different styles of teaching and learning in the Sixth Form. It’s a vibrant programme designed to inform and excite; preparing them to transfer smoothly and be fully prepared for the wonderful opportunities that await.