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07/05/20 – Good News from Croydon High

Croydon High Parent Making PPE

We are so grateful to Croydon High parent John – and daughter Daisy – for taking over the production of PPE for frontline workers. John has taken our school 3D printer home and has been making many visors for various places in need. Last week, we were able to supply visors for Croydon Medical Centre, Montpelier Surgery in Brighton, and Sunflower Healthcare Homes. This week, thanks to John’s impressive work, we have supplied 5 additional visors to Shirley Medical Centre, 10 to Violet Lane Surgery, 5 to Swan Pharmacy, and 10 to healthcare staff working in the local community. John is currently making a further 20 visors for another care home.

We’ve had some wonderful responses to this provision.

“Dear Daisy,

Thank you so much for your very kind donation of the shielding visors that you have sent us. They will definitely help keep our doctors and nurses protected in these scary times.

We are very grateful and really appreciate the support you are giving the NHS.

Kindest regards and stay safe!

From all of us at Montpelier Surgery.”

“Hi John,

Thank you so much for the visors, we have had a ‘Blue Peter’ moment and made some ourselves, but without the head bands, which make it difficult to wear when wearing glasses. Yours are a far superior model!

It is so kind of you all to help the NHS in this way. We really appreciate your ingenuity and hard work, please convey our sincere thanks to all who have contributed. It is people like you that really help to keep our spirits up.

Take care.

Violet Lane Medical Practice”

“Hello John,

Just emailing to express our gratitude and appreciation for the masks you sent us.

Swan Pharmacy”

Violin for Carers!

Tara played ‘Over the Rainbow’ on the violin last Thursday for key staff rather than clap and it went down well on her street.

Memrise Fundraiser

Chloe is doing a Memrise fundraiser, to raise money for Doctors of the World.

“I have been inspired by everyone around me and have taken action. I am fundraising for Doctors of the World UK! I can only imagine their struggles and losses at this difficult time. So far, I have raised over £150, but hope to raise much, much more.

I am spending 10 hours on a Latin translation website called Memrise. We are encouraged to do 10 minutes or so every couple of days, but this was not a challenge so I decided to increase it to 10 hours. The challenge: you are given an English word and you must translate it. The website will keep repeating the same word until it is completely memorised. I currently only have two hours to go, but it has been quite demanding alongside schoolwork!

If you would like to donate, or just want to see how much I’ve raised, please click here.”

Well done and good luck, Chloe!

Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore

His efforts have touched us all – Captain Tom Moore raised £30 million for NHS Charities Together after doing 100 2.5km laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. Yesterday, the country came together to celebrate a lifetime of achievement!

He has been made an honorary Colonel and will be awarded the Freedom of the City of London in recognition of his work. He has also had a special blue post box created in his honour by Royal Mail, his face and a happy birthday message from the nation is blazing across the big screen in Piccadilly Circus… the list of celebrations goes on. He has become an inspiration for so many people at this difficult time.

The Juniors joined in the celebrations and made beautiful digital birthday cards for Captain Moore, which were shared on Twitter. We were thrilled to see that Captain Tom Moore himself—or, at least, his representative on Twitter—liked our post!

House Challenges

Here are the winners of last week’s House Challenges:

Maddie’s 12ft daisy chain with bonus tortoise CURIE

Lily’s excellent homemade fort SEACOLE

Shenai’s amazing work of art recreation ELIOT

Tania’s incredible work of art recreation GARRETT

Nurse Uma Discharged from Critical Care

Over 100 of Uma Pradhan’s colleagues at Conquest Hospital in Hastings lined the corridors to clap for her as she was discharged from critical care. She spent 23 challenging days in the unit being treated for Covid-19, but made a remarkable recovery! The scenes of joy as she was wheeled out of the hospital were so touching.

Sky News

France’s Oldest Doctor

98-year-old Dr Christian Chenay continues to make weekly trips to a retirement home to offer any medical assistance and support he can! Another hero working tirelessly through this crisis.


Endangered Bumblebee Bounces Back

The National Trust has been creating wildflower meadows, after 97% of flower-rich meadows were lost in the last 70 years. This has resulted in the resurgence of an endangered bumble bee, the shrill carder bee! These bees are especially valuable because of their pollinating power.


2.6 Challenge

Families across the nation – including families at Croydon High! – have been rising to the 2.6 challenge, after the London Marathon was postponed due to Coronavirus. Sam and her brother ran 2.6km in the rain!

Eight other children in particular raised over £6,000 through the 2.6 challenge for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which provides specialist nurses for seriously ill children. One of them is 13-year-old Dominic, who was born with a condition that means he cannot walk; he completed 26 laps of his hallway in his walker. Well done, Dominic!

Roald Dahl Blog