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15/05/20 – Good News from Croydon High

Mrs Abrams and Family

Mrs Abrams’ daughter is using an alphabetical theme while home-schooling her boys. As Monday was ‘K’ day, Mrs (Karen) Abrams made a surprise appearance! She stood at the gate to the house while they peeped out of the skylight window. While Mrs Abram does read to them daily on Zoom, it was a delight to see them ‘in real life’, even if at a distance.

In other good news, Mrs Abrams welcomed another grandchild yesterday – a granddaughter this time. Her daughter-in-law, baby, and son are all doing well. We send them very warm wishes.

Alumnae After Croydon High

We love hearing about our alumnae’s adventures beyond Croydon High. This week, Mrs Smith heard from two old girls – Demi and Siena.

“I am currently working on my Master’s for sustainable design and it has been super eye opening. My projects this year have focused on the relationship between society, food and food ecosystems.  My design Instagram is @demitrastudio if you would like a sneak peek. This research has involved multisensory design, food marketing and propaganda, speculative design and food futures.”


“It has been nice to see lots of Croydon High staff boogieing to songs in videos sent to the girls.

It is unfortunate that I am not at Cambridge for this term, as it was going to be so fun because the gardens are all in flower and I don’t have any lectures now, only practical studio work. However, I am lucky that I am hardly affected by Covid. My work is still going on – though maybe more digital than it would be otherwise.  Attached are a few photos of the various pieces of work I have been creating since term started last week (just in case you are interested in seeing it).

All critical work and tutorials are happening virtually. The vibe of studio is different but still possible because of various zoom chats going on as we work. It is lovely to be able to still chat with everyone. But it is such a tease to be back home and not even see everyone in person here! I was very much looking forward to the school reunion but of course I will be able to visit sometime after everything is back to normal.”


Cranes Used to Reunite Families in Lockdown

Mr Van der Bosch, in Belgium, noticed a man yelling up three storeys to his mother in her apartment building. Usually an operations manager for a cleaning and maintenance company, Covid-19 had dried up a lot of Mr Van der Bosch’s work. So he put his cranes to a different use instead: helping relatives see loved ones on the upper floors of care homes!

The Independent

Carbon Emissions Will Plummet

According to the International Energy Agency, the fall in demand for energy due to Covid-19 will lead to a record annual decline in carbon emissions of almost 8%!

International Energy Agency

New Banksy

The appearance of a new piece by street artist Banksy spread joy this week – the piece is a ‘thank you’ to NHS workers and currently lives in Southampton hospital. It was accompanied by the following message: “Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white.”


Sowing Sea Meadows

More good news in the fight against climate change! Over a million seagrass seeds are being planted around the British Isles in order to restore sea meadows. They are believed to capture carbon faster than tropic rainforests and also provide essential habitats for marine life!

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