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Year 11 3D Workshop

Year 11 doing a 3D workshop

On Wednesday, the Year 11 3D pupils enjoyed a fantastic workshop in school where they learned how to create challenging models using nets. They started the day creating mono-prints, as these formed the colour and pattern of their designs. Next, they created models using bulsar wood, which is a great material for model making. They had to start with a random angular shape and build a 3D shape from this – this certainly challenged their mathematical skills as well as their design skills!

Once constructed, they were flattened to create nets – this enables them to create multiple models. As always in 3D design, we encourage independence and problem-solving skills at all levels and this was seen in abundance during the workshop. Some pupils were drawing their nets on 2D design (CAD), some were photographing using green screen so that they could manipulate their modules using Photoshop, some were making clay slabs using their nets, and other were printing onto fabric using our heat press so that their designs could be used for lighting.

Year 11 3D Workshop

Thank you to Mr Robertson, Miss Barnett, and Jan for their support in delivering an exciting and enriching day! The Year 11 pupils are now working towards their exam piece, entitled ‘Events’, and will complete their 10-hour practical exam in April.

You are warmly invited to our summer exhibition, where you will be able to see the GCSE Year 11 work on display. This will take place in our senior school hall on Wednesday 10th June, from 4:00 – 7:00 PM.


Mrs Elizabeth Smith

Head of Art & 3D Design

Year 11 3D Workshop

‘I learned so many new skills today, which I will definitely take into the exam project.’ Priyra, Year 11

‘It was so interesting to see how quickly a 2D design can turn into a 3D design!’ Rosemary, Year 11

‘I would never have thought of making a clay slab pot based on a net, I thought I would be using a pinch pot or coiling.’ Sophie, Year 11

Year 11 3D Workshop