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House News Report

House activities this half term have been fiercely contested, and the term ended with House points as close as ever.

Our academic challenges this half term saw teams compete to recall the TfL map of tram stops! Curie and Eliot were joint winners with their maps correctly completed fully. Mr Thorpe ran a competition to test teams’ abilities to recall the British monarchs in order from William I to Elizabeth II resulting in another win for Eliot. Mia Warren won 50 House points for Seacole in our final academic challenge of 2019 by wishing Mrs Webb “Merry Christmas” in seven different languages – well done Mia!

The House Christmas trees looked fabulous this year, with each House choosing a theme. Garrett’s simple but stylish homemade gift boxes took maximum points, topped with a festive Santa balloon! Seacole came joint top with maximum points for their very impressive yellow angel topper, and socks filled with gifts that were donated to our local Salvation Army branch for less fortunate teens in Croydon. Curie’s “under the sea” theme caught the judge’s eye as did Eliot’s tree topper, featuring their Head of House Mr Thorpe.

In our mock election, Seacole House cast the most votes with Curie nipping at their heels in close second.

On the last day of term, the House swimming was also won by Seacole, with Eliot, Curie and Garrett following respectively.

But of course, the highlight of the autumn term is our inter-House end of term activity, Croydon High’s Got Talent, and this year we saw our best ever show!

Garrett opened proceedings with their group act, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, a fabulously heart-warming re-enactment of what happens on Christmas Eve when we are all in bed. The sight of Mila from Upper Sixth backstage in her dinosaur costume was fantastic!

Seacole’s Eleanor gave a stunning acoustic rendition of “La Vie en Rose” in both French and English, and Helena from Eliot wowed us with her contortion act.

Aashna had the sixth form on their feet for her performance of “Jar of Hearts” and Curie’s Beth and Olivia impressed us with a signed rendition of Coldplay’s “Yellow”.

We loved watching Ruby, Gaji, Maddy Hunter, Caitlyn, Megan and Sophie represent their Houses, as well as fantastic group acts from Seacole, Eliot and Curie. But the act that had the whole school on their feet, and winning the prefect choice award for 2019 was Maddy Cascarini with her breath-taking performance of an original song. Bravo Maddy!

The final surprise act of the show was a beautiful duet performance by Upper Sixth student Connie with Mrs Pattison. A fitting end to a thoroughly entertaining morning on the last day of term.

Well done to everyone who has represented their House this half term, and particular thanks to our incredible House Captains, Sewa, Zara, Mya and Franky, who work tirelessly and with such energy to deliver the House programme to the school.

As we ended the autumn term the totals to date are as follows:

1 = Seacole with 3547 points

2 = Garrett with 3486 points

3 = Curie with 3448 points

4 = Eliot with 3416 points

There’s everything to play for this term – one House challenge could completely change the leader board!

Mrs Emma Webb