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Power and Application of Mathematics

On Wednesday Croydon High was delighted to welcome the renowned author, Rob Eastaway, to speak to us about the power and application of mathematics in the real world.

An enthralled audience of girls from all years were present, with many family members, to hear Rob talk about topics including how to work out the area of an ocean in seconds and how girls could become rich by doing household chores. If a suggestion comes from your daughter that you should pay her 1p for the first day, 2p for the second day and so on for helping out at home over the course of the month, then beware, as you may be significantly out of pocket! A small prize will be available to the first 3 people who can tell Mr Rew how much they would be paid over the course of a month if such a scheme was agreed upon.

The lecture was an engaging, fact filled hour with many audience members purchasing books at the end to delve further into everyday applications of maths with a twist.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Maths lectures in the future.

Mr Ben Rew

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