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I walked into assembly, somewhat “on the bell” in order to hear from 8T explaining to the senior school their chosen charity. Having already seen the Mufti Day letter, I would admit I was expecting a straight forward presentation of the theme – homelessness.

How grateful I was, therefore, that the members of Mrs Turner’s group drew me out of that rather superior mood and engaged me with relevant facts, unknown stories and finally a telling video about a young person very much like them and the unfortunate circumstances which befell. I will go home this evening and speak to my family about how we can try to make a difference to the issue of homelessness in our own community.

On the back of a well put together, well-spoken assembly was a few words from the Amnesty International about next week’s Write for Rights campaign, with a confident, effective (since I heard other pupils immediately singing it in the corridors) group performance. Then in the notices a reminder about the Salvation Army donations run by Miss Nowitzke’s group.

Last night, I was doing my best not to sing along to the various choirs as they filled the hall with favourites from ‘Revolting Children’ to ‘I dreamed a dream’. I whistled along to the Great Escape and bellowed out Hark the Herald. I laughed as groups of pupils competed to be the loudest in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

This morning, I was brought back to the reality of the festive season which approaches for some less fortunate, and I was glad to be part of a community doing something to try and help those near, and far.  It is the Croydon High School way, I expect no less, but I was thankful for the pupils so demonstrably re-focussing us all this morning.

Mr David King

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

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