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Career Pathway Sessions

This month we welcomed Emma Gillgrass and Marylka Gowlland, our Pathway Professionals, and alumnae who have volunteered to support our Pathway sessions with Sixth Formers.

Emma is currently working as a Primary Care NHS Manager and spoke with a group of Sixth Formers who have an interest in working in the medical field. Emma’s overall message to the students is that those who enter any area within the NHS will be rewarded with a career that makes a real difference to people’s lives but that they must also be able to adapt to change as the sector is in a constant state of flux; as old roles are phased out new ones are created.

Marylka, a current Charity Fundraiser and previous Theatre Manager, spoke with a group of girls who are in the creative and open pathway group. Marylka’s overall message is that transferable skills are an important asset. Even if you are unsure of what you want to do now as a career, it is ok because skills developed through education, and in particular the confidence instilled at Croydon High, can prepare girls to face anything!

Mrs Susan Gower