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Cambridge University Visit

On Thursday the Year 12 aspiring Oxbridge applicants visited the beautiful setting of Cambridge University. It was a phenomenal experience as it allowed us to get ‘a feel’ for each of the unique colleges that we visited, such as St. John’s, Corpus Christi and many more!

At St John’s we met with a senior academic to learn about the application process and life as a Cambridge student in detail were treated to a delicious lunch and were shown around the College by a current undergraduate. We got to see the library, examples of typical student accommodation, the recreational studios (and other entertainment facilities) as well as to visit the iconic Bridge of Sighs.

In the afternoon we met Honor Clapp, Class of 2016, in her final year at Queens. She showed us around her beautiful College and passed on some wisdom, advice and experience from a Croydon High girl who has already been down the Oxbridge path successfully. Finally, we met the Admissions Director of Sidney Sussex, explored the intimate buildings and gardens of that College, gained some fascinating and valuable insights into how to stand out as applicants, and heard about the importance of a healthy work-life balance to get the most out of the opportunities that Cambridge has to offer.

Our day was motivating, inspiring and enlightening. Understanding what Oxbridge entails, whether it is right for us and what steps we need to take to realise our ambition were our main outcomes. Certainly the reality was different from our expectations, but all in a good way. A huge thank you to Mr Calderwood for organising and chaperoning the trip. There’s no better feeling than knowing that your teachers will support your dreams unconditionally and encourage you to achieve your very best.

Esther, Lower Sixth