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National Science Week

The Science department has organised a host of different activities this week to coincide with National Science Week.  Mrs Conrad would like to thank all the staff who gave up their lunchtimes to run a wide range of activities throughout the week.

The many activities ranged from:

Extracting DNA from strawberries

Creating protection in the Crash Test Dummy experiment

Using Chemical reactions to cook an egg

Fire writing

Dissecting a Fish

Making seed bombs

Designing an experiment for the Space Station

Invisible writing experiments

And finally a Quiz to celebrate 150 years of the Periodic Table

Following introductory Science activities during House assembly the week before where teams worked against the clock to solve some Science Catchphrases and Dingbats, all girls took part in Science quizzes during Tuesday’s tutor session.

The week culminated on Friday when we hosted a competition to find out who made a paper aeroplane that can fly the furthest using just 1 piece of A4 paper.  Lots of laughter could be heard throughout the school during Thursday’s Tutor Sessions whilst the girls developed and perfected their models.

Mrs Conrad would like to thank all the girls who took part in all the activities.


A Lecture in Reproductive Medicine

As part of the Science Week Activities our Sixth form Biology and RS students were lucky to have a visit from Mr Mike Booker, a consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine working in Croydon and Harley Street who delivered a lecture about IVF and the ethics surrounding it.

Mr Booker has been working in this highly specialised field for many years and during his informative lecture he explained the Science behind IVF from its early beginnings in 1978 in Oldham to the recent developments and techniques.  We also learned about the  legislation affecting the procedure in different countries.  He explored the ethics surrounding detecting chromosomal and gene abnormalities in an early embryo for conditions such as Sickle Cell Anaemia.

The girls all learned a great deal and really appreciated the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the lecture.

Mrs Conrad



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