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Space, the Final Frontier

“Space, the Final Frontier”

In association with the European Space Agency (ESA) our Year 7 girls are currently working on a project to develop software that will be sent to and run on the International Space Station (ISS).

The girls will be working in small teams to design, build and test code written in the Python programming language. Their programmes will read sensors aboard the ISS and display the measurements taken via an on board Raspberry PI. Once the girls have their software ready it will be sent to ESA and will be scheduled to run on the ISS later this Spring. The girls will receive certificates for their efforts and each certificate will include a map showing the location of the space station when each program was run.

As part of this initiative, each team is developing a website about the ISS and all of the girls will have the opportunity to experience a spacewalk outside the ISS using our Virtual Reality (VR) installation.  The trailer for the VR experience can be seen at the following link.

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