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“To snow or not to snow, that is the question.

Whether ‘tis nobler for the school to suffer

The snowballs of outrageous misfortune

Or take shovels against the drift of white

And, by gritting, end them.”

I have become too familiar once more with MetCheck, MetOffice and BBC Weather websites, with precipitation volumes, likelihoods and timings. It has, without a doubt, dampened any excitement I may have once had about snow falling from the sky.

Not so, the pupils. Their outlook is a far more positive one! And why not? Snow brings adventure, possibility, boundary testing, all the while knowing that time to indulge in these things is limited – the thaw is inevitable.

There is the novelty factor, of course. A few hours playing in a blank canvas. As adults, can we recall our own tea tray toboggans? Our own snowball fights – blue and white fingers which turned bright red once safely back indoors? They were fun, they were memorable.

Croydon High School embraces these moments every week. Last week I saw Mrs Abrams running a “Blind Date” session in the library. Girls were handed different books which had been wrapped in brown paper. They read some passages and then gave their interpretation of the likely author, why were they writing in this way and what compelled them to write about such things. The pupils were literally not judging the book by its cover. I was jealous – my school library lacked any such creativity.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to watch such opportunities. Most weeks, I get to about 5pm on a Friday and realise I might just catch some fun at a Hairspray rehearsal. Like the anticipation of snowfall, I am excited for the show to open next week.

So I will gladly re-acquaint myself with weather systems, cold air masses and vague probabilities every so often if, in my misery, I am afforded the chance to remember what it felt like to explore, create and test. I hope the pupils need only come to school on a regular teaching week to enjoy the same feeling.

David King

Deputy Head (Welfare, Systems and Innovation)


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