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Designing her Future Week

The week themed ‘Designing her Future’ has been a huge success amongst girls in the junior school. They have thoroughly enjoyed their learning journey and have ‘wowed’ the visitors from Barclays and Microsoft with their confidence, eagerness to learn and technical knowledge.  The one statement by visitors from both organisations was ‘I wish I went to this school – the girls have so many exciting opportunities and seem so happy’.

The week was launched by Mrs Bradshaw introducing the theme, setting expectations and inspiring the girls by showing them the #MakeWhatsNext video by Microsoft about women inventors.

On Monday, Year 6 enjoyed a very interactive presentation by our visitors from Barclays on ‘how banks use technology to keep data safe’.  The girls asked lots of relevant questions and went into details of how data needs to be kept secure by encrypting it.  Following on from this they had sessions from Microsoft with practical encryption and decryption activities using the BBC Micro:bit. They had to decode messages using a book cipher algorithm in addition to designing smart buildings and smart cities which was their emerging technology topic.

Years 4 and 5’s designing and programming session with Microsoft was all about road safety and creating traffic lights and barriers using servos and led lights; Year 3 made doorbells for the hearing impaired and KS1 girls designed cute virtual pets that could tell how they were feeling on the micro:bit.  The girls were amazing with their problem solving and programming skills; we are very proud of them!

Please watch this space next week for design ideas from the girls on emerging technologies.

Mrs Krishnamurthy


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