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Can 7 Million People Make a Difference?

Who asked the Question?
Susan Kurr, at our Senior School Assembly on Monday; she has been an Amnesty International Volunteer for 20 years. We invited her to Croydon High to launch our WRITE FOR RIGHTS CAMPAIGN which, this year, shines a ‘spotlight on brave women who have been harassed, jailed, tortured or even killed for their human rights work’.
Why 7 Million?
There are 7,000,000 members of Amnesty International, the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization.
Can 7 Million People Make a Difference?
The answer, of course, is a resounding YES – there is strength both in numbers and shared ideals
A Difference to Whom?
In particular, the WFR campaign will have a significant impact on 12 women who have been attacked or threatened because of their stand on human rights. Croydon High is focusing on three Amazing Women. The first is UK citizen Seyi Akiwowo, who received a torrent of online abuse after a video of her speaking at the European Parliament went viral. She is defending the right of women to express themselves freely on social media.
The second is Gulzar Duishenova from Kyrgyzstan. She is fighting for the rights of people with disabilities to live with dignity and to move around freely.
The third is Marielle Franco from Brazil. She is no longer with us, murdered for defending the rights of marginalized people in Rio de Janeiro. The murder was carried out by skilled professionals; no one has been brought to justice. We are standing with her family, asking for justice.

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