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A Christmas Recipe

When Year 1 and Year 2 started the Nativity it was hard work! We had to learn lots of lines, many songs and the right movements and expressions. Our play was about a cook who was making a Christmas recipe. The cook added a donkey, stars, presents, shepherds, angels, wise men, snowflakes, sheep, robins and of course, baby Jesus! All of these ingredients made up the perfect Christmas recipe, but this isn’t a recipe that you actually eat!

“You don’t eat it, you feel it – in your heart!” Jessica

“It was really fun when we did the Nativity because I love to sing and dance.”  Samiksha

“My favourite part of the Nativity was when the sheep went Baa-Baa-Baa, Baa-Baa-Bananas!” Hailey

“I loved learning about when Jesus was born.”  Olivia

“I really liked the costumes, especially the robins with their flappy wings and their shiny beaks!” Jessica

“The star dance was my favourite part because we shimmied to the floor!”  Suhani