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New school uniform

Croydon High School is delighted to announce that following the school’s rebranding last year we will be launching our new uniform in September. Sarah Raja, Deputy Head of the Junior School has worked hard at overseeing the design and introduction of the new uniform. She explained, “ Working with our vibrant new logo and brand colours, we feel confident we have developed a uniform that reflects our identity and sets us apart from other schools”.

When the school began working with suppliers, Schoolblazer, back in November last year, everyone was very clear about the challenge that lay ahead. Schoolblazer usually suggest allowing a full academic year for the process of supplying new uniform, not allowing for a complete re-design which is what was required in this case. Success in meeting the deadlines is down, in no small part, to the Croydon High School community and its incredible ability to work together including pupil, parent and staff focus groups.

Feedback so far has been very positive and as Sarah Raja says, “The hard work has paid off and the new uniform is everything that we were hoping it would be – practical, comfortable, elegant and distinctive. The sight of our contemporary logo in zesty lime green, against the darkest of navy blues signals an exciting new chapter in our school’s history.”

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